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Promoting Plus Size Beauty, Style and Intelligence!

We market and advertise our state events using a broad range of venues such as radio, TV, news media, nightclubs, internet, social media, billboards, and magazines to help promote our valued sponsors, vendors, and modeling contestants.

Our Sponsors:

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Neil R. Gelb, Injury Lawyers
Free Legal Advice
Large Settlement for You
(215) 520-7777

Signatures by Mc S
Francine Hughes Stanback

Custom Gift Baskets
(215) 850-9165

Allegro Pizza & Grill
3942 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 382-8158

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Exhibit Booths & Vendors Showcase:
  • Niecy’s Ladies – Apparel & Accessories
  • Dawn A. Perry – Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • JoJo’s Jewels – Jewelry
  • Zinman Furs – Fur Coats
  • Bathfitters Remodeling
  • Representative – Stephanie Cain
  • Representative – Collene Kenny
  • Representative – Rhonda Williams
  • Photo Illusions – Photography
  • Traci Lynn – Jewelry
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